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Berkeley Lab uses the services of temporary supplemental labor (aka Contract Workers) to meet operational requirements that arise from time to time. These services are provided through third party temporary staffing or employment agencies that have an established subcontract agreement in place with Berkeley Lab. In general, Contract Workers may be justified for filling temporary operational needs, typically associated with:

  • A vacation or extended leave of regular Berkeley Lab staff
  • Periodic short-term increases in workload beyond the resources of regular staff
  • A special project for which available staff lacks time, skills or both

An individual Contract Worker may provide services to Berkeley Lab for a cumulative 12 months maximum in a rolling 36-month period (inclusive of any and all assignments from any agency). Therefore, managers are advised to plan accordingly, and consider conducting an Open Recruitment Process for longer term operational needs.

Contract Workers are the employees of the contracting agency and are not Berkeley Lab staff. As such, terms and conditions of their employment (pay administration, salary determination, communications regarding appointment dates, etc) are managed by the agency.

If the Contract Worker is eligible for extension, the responsible manager will be contacted three weeks before the scheduled end date to inquire if the assignment is to end as scheduled or if an extension is needed.

Due to limited parking availability at Berkeley Lab, contract workers are not eligible for a parking permit.  Contract workers are encouraged to take public transportation or carpool.  On weekdays, Berkeley Lab provides FREE off-site shuttle service.  For additional information, click HERE.  

NOTE: The above information outlines the description of Contract Worker assignments through temporary staffing agencies. Divisions may occasionally require independent Consulting services, which are defined as services of an individual expert who personally renders services in the form of information, advice, opinions, alternatives, conclusions or recommendations. You must work with Procurement to establish Consulting services agreements.

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