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Non-Recruited Hires

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Berkeley Lab hires over a thousand people every year through the Non-Recruited Hire process. As a Berkeley Lab hiring supervisor, you will partner with the applicable Human Resources contacts to ensure the completion of hiring activities and procedures in accordance with the Recruitment and Hiring policy. HR Shared Services and the HR Division Partner serve as key partners in this process.

Non-recruited hiring is used only for positions that do not require an open recruitment and an individual has been identified to fill the role. These positions include: 

  • Student Assistants
  • Graduate Student Research Assistants (GSRAs)
  • Limited Appointments
  • Faculty
  • Visiting Researchers
  • Postdoctoral Fellows appointments (check with your division, as some divisions require a competitive search)
  • Rehired Retirees

For a list of appointment types and definitions, visit the Appointment Types page on the Berkeley Lab Careers site.

Getting Started

Before you submit your Non-Recruited Hire request for processing, you will need to make sure you have the following information and resources ready:

  • The type of appointment you plan to hire
  • The individual’s name, phone number and personal email address (not an address).
  • A position description
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Desired start date and target end date (if applicable)
  • Org Code (Level 1, Level 2, and if applicable Level 3)
  • New hire’s work location
  • Who the new hire will report to and contact information for the 1st day of work
  • Project and Activity ID for LETS
  • Students and GSRAs: Enrollment details for any student appointment (i.e., enrollment status on desired start date)
  • GSRA:  Campus contact (if applicable)
  • Rehired Retiree: An approved Retired Employees Approval Form
  • Postdoctoral Scholars (if applicable): The funding source and a summary of duties which will be directly embedded in the Postdoc’s offer letter, per the requirements of the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Relocation Assistance: For eligible positions only, if you plan to provide relocation assistance you will need the budgeted amount and what relocation services will be covered

Consult with your HR Division Partner for guidance. 

Submitting a Non-Recruited Hire Request

  • To initiate the Non-Recruited Hire process use Request a Hire. Select the applicable “Appointment Type” and upload the Position Description. This request can be completed by the hiring manager, or a designee authorized to submit one on the hiring manager’s behalf. 
  • When the hire request is submitted, you may be contacted by a Human Resources team member for additional information or clarification if needed.

Hire Process

  • Since the candidate has already been identified, the HR Shared Services representative will invite the candidate to complete their personal candidate submission in the Applicant Tracking System. 
  • Once the candidate completes their online submission, HR Shared Services will coordinate the salary in conjunction with posted rate schedules for students, or with the HR Division Partner as needed. An offer letter will be drafted, and the HR Shared Services team will send the offer for review and approval.
  • After all division approvals have been obtained, the candidate will receive the official offer letter with a request to accept electronically.
  • The HR Shared Services team will then facilitate all of the hiring logistics including the initiation of the background check process, obtaining necessary employment visas, as needed, and scheduling the start appointment (onboarding).


Additional Considerations

  • Affiliate to Employee Conversion – When an Affiliate is selected to be hired as a Berkeley Lab employee, the Affiliate is required to complete the employee hire process and attend a New Hire Orientation. HR Shared Services will coordinate the appointment transition with the intention that the individual will not lose access to their Berkeley Lab account access.
  • Contract Worker to Employee Conversion – There may be a conversion fee due to the employment agency in this situation. HR Shared Services will validate contract terms and coordinate the conversion process with the agency.
  • Minor appointments (for individuals who will be <18 years of age at the time of hire) – minors require additional steps and approvals. Click here for additional information.

Process Timing

  • Typical processing timelines for non-recruited hires is 5-7 business days.
  • Please note, additional time may be needed for individuals who require work authorizations (e.g., employment visa, student work permit, etc.).
  • Postdoctoral Appointments – per the requirements of the collective bargaining agreement, Postdocs must have ten days to review their offer. Postdocs must have completed their PhD requirements as of the start of their appointment.

Who to Contact for Help

  • If you need assistance with determining your business needs or the type of position you are trying to fill, your HR Division Partner can provide help.
  • For assistance with the hire request webform, contact HR Shared Services at (510) 486-4772 (HRSC) or email